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Hindus Protest the Possible Destruction of the Ancient Bridge Ram Setu

NEW DELHI, INDIA, March 9, 2007: The narrow sea between India and Sri Lanka has great significance to Hindu heritage as the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, climaxed in this area. When Sita, Lord Ram's wife, was abducted by King Ravan and taken to Lanka, an army of monkeys built a bridge across the channel from Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka to assist Lord Ram in rescuing Sita. The news release explains the situation, "The Ram Setu or Adam's Bridge, a chain of limestone shoals 48 km long that once linked Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu with Mannar in Sri Lanka's northwest, faces possible destruction when the ambitious Sethusamudram canal project comes up to create a navigable waterway in the narrow sea dividing the two countries. India does not have a continuous navigational channel linking the east and west coasts.

South India - Festivals of Tamilnadu - Natyanjali Dance Fest

» Location : Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu
» Falls On : February / March
» Festival Of : Dance
» Dedicated To : Lord Shiva

Festivals of Tamilnadu
» Pongal Festival
» Natyanjali Dance...

South India - Temples in Tamilnadu - Chayavaneashwara Temple, Pal Groups

» Location : At Chayavanam, Two Miles From Tiruvengadu, Tamil Nadu
» Presiding Deity : Lord Shiva

Temples in Tamilnadu
» Chayavaneashwara Temple
» Krishnapuram Temple
» Kumbeswara Templ...

Demonstration of Digital Photography to Record Palm Leaf Manuscripts

KAUAI, HAWAII, March 14, 2007: Under the Hindu kings, palm leaf manuscripts upon which are recorded Hinduism's scriptures were recopied every 100 years or so to preserve them. Since British times, this process has ceased and existing manuscripts, even in the best-preserved collections, are deteriorating, some already to the point of uselessness. Microfilm is relatively expensive and requires bulky equipment. The resulting product, film, needs a separate process of digitization to distribute by the Internet.

In consultation with scholars in Tamil Nadu, Kauai Aadheenam, home of Hinduism Today and HPI, has investigated the used of digital cameras for the purpose of rapid photography and hence preservation of the leaves. The system is much simpler, cheaper and less technical than microfilm. The results are easily posted to the Internet.

At URL above is a detailed explanation including samples of photographs from actual palm leaves recorded by this process.

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